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澳風護膚|MW skin care 代理品牌包括 韓國 Re:NK  Allvit  healthygru: 及 PHYTONIA,亦提供韓國謢膚品牌的個別產品代購服務。



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澳風護膚|MW skin care
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澳風護膚|MW skin care is granted distributor of Korean Brands Re:NK, Allvit, healthygru: and PHYTONIA.

We also provide Purchasing Services of Korean skin care products on your behalf.

Owing to delivery process, the outer box of products may not be perfect, but we ensure that all products are genuine and integrated in a good condition for usage. Please contact us before buying if you really concern the outer box of the products.

**Various types of order will be confirmed once payment is settled. Products are reserved according to payment sequence. In order to assure the products quantity in between customers’ order placing and payment fulfilling, all orders will be kept for 2 days by default, in which customers who fulfilled the payment within 2 days are guaranteed for their orders; otherwise, we have the right to cancel the order and treat it as an automatic order cancellation by customers. We will send out a notice if there is any out of stock during the whole process**

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